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New Lina/Gourry icons for iconfiend100

After a long absence from icon-making caused by real life matters getting "in the way" I finally did something again.. It's just a small batch of icons but at least I am back. Plus the icons aren't that great because I first had to get used to Photoshop again. ^^;

Artist: nimry
Series: Slayers
Pairing: Lina Inverse & Gourry Gabriev
Number of icons in this post: 5
Total Icon count: 32/100
Credits: resources for brushes and textures can be found here

Themes in this post: 003 Soft, 016 Winter, 044 Heaven, 056 Artist's Choice: Beginning, 057 Artist's Choice: Team

If you want to use an icon please leave a comment and credit to nimry in the icon keywords or comments. Thank you. ^_^


[003] Soft [016] Winter [044] Heaven
[056] AC: Beginning [057] AC: Team

All previously posted icons can also be found here.
Tags: slayers
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