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A few Death Note and very few Fruits Basket icons..

I made a few manga icons (although I still think I am not good at doing anything with b&w images), mainly from the latest Death Note chapters with a few Machi-centric Fruits Basket icons. Because that fits so totally well together.

Spoilers for Death Note up to chapter 107! Do not whine and pretend I didn't warn you. Also spoilery for Fruits Basket chapter 125.

Standard rules apply: please comment and credit nimry in the icon keywords or comments if you decide to use any - and don't alter them (textless icons are not bases!). Thanks a lot.

[13]Death Note
[04]Fruits Basket


Death Note:
[1]Light & Near

[001] [002] [003] [004]
[005] [006] [007] [008]
[009] [010] [011] [012]

Fruits Basket:

[014] [015] [016] [017]

* Resources for textures, brushes etc. can be found here
* 014: Lyrics from "Real" by Plumb
* 016: Lyrics from "Real Life Fairytale" by Plumb

PS: I changed my username sometime last month or so, in case you were wondering, this is still the same person as Nimrodel_82. I was just tired of the stupid number at the end of the name (and not everyone has to know how long ago I was born just by looking at my screenname XP).
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