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Update: 9 x Lina/Gourry for iconfiend100

I can't believe I am not even halfway through with this.. o_O;

Anyway, I might have a serious lack of ideas for this claim at the moment - hence the mediocre quality of the icons in this post - but I am definitely not going to give up on it, no matter how long it takes me to complete it. (I need to re-so that banner though because it has my old username on it.. but I am too lazy right now.)

Artist: nimry@jellyfish_icons
Series: Slayers
Pairing: Lina Inverse & Gourry Gabriev
Theme set: Alpha
Number of icons in this post: 9
Total Icon count: 41/100
Credits: resources for brushes and textures can be found here, the idea for icon 060 was heartlessly stolen from some icons meliachu posted here

Themes in this post: 024 Blue, 038 Candy, 045 31 Flavors, 058 Artist's Choice: ORLY?, 059 Artist's Choice: Plush, 060 Artist's Choice: Pregnant, 061 Artist's Choice: Protector, 062 Artist's Choice: Snakes on a plane, 063 Artist's Choice: Thumbs up

If you want to use an icon please leave a comment and credit to nimry in the icon keywords or comments. Thank you. ^_^


[024] Blue [038] Candy [045] 31 Flavors
[058] AC: ORLY? [059] AC: Plush [060] AC: Pregnant
[061] AC: Protector [062] AC: Snakes on a plane [063] AC: Thumbs up

All previously posted icons can also be found here.
Tags: slayers
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