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First Batch: Perfect Girl Evolution for iconfiend100

Yes, I know I am not even halfway-through with my other claim but I need some variety so here's a second iconfiend challenge. And no, I am not giving up on the Lina/Gourry one, I just want to do two claims.

Artist: nimry@jellyfish_icons
Series: Perfect Girl Evolution (The Wallflower)
Claim: General Series
Theme set: Beta
Number of icons in this post: 9
Total Icon count: 9/100
Credits: resources for brushes and textures can be found here

Themes in this post: 04 Two's Company, 13 Wings, 24 Catch me, 26 Unexpected, 29 Flirt, 35 Spellbinding + 3 Artist's Choices

May contain icons made from images up to currently volume 12 because that's the last one I have read - take that as a spoiler warning if you haven't and don't want to see anything of it.

If you want to use an icon please leave a comment and credit to nimry in the icon keywords or comments. Thank you. ^_^


[004] Two's Company [013] Wings [024] Catch me
[026] Unexpected [029] Flirt [035] Spellbinding
[051] AC [052] AC [053] AC

All finished icons are also archived here.
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